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Culture Shock


Prairie Scout Interview

Recently I got to sit down and host an exclusive interview with Culture Shock opener and WIUX Battle of the Bands winners, Prairie Scout! The interview was held live on WIUX B-Side internet radio and delves into the formation of the band, how they cultivated their sound, and some of their favorite music picks.

Getting Silly with Merce Lemon

Pittsburgh-local band Merce Lemon had a great crowd, and an even better performance at the festival. After they killed it on stage, I snagged them for a bit to talk about their experiences as a band, personal opinions on music, and most importantly, fruit preferences.

A Night With John Mellencamp

Let me set the scene, it’s 8:00 pm on a Friday night and John Mellencamp is playing Emens Auditorium in Muncie, IN. The lights go down, tension begins to build, a buzzing in the room commences, and on comes a screen in which The Fugitive Kind begins playing....

Record Store Day 2024: What You Need to Know

The long-awaited official Record Store Day list was finally released a few weeks ago, and I am so (SO!) excited about it. Below is a quick rundown of the event, and some of the releases that I’m most excited about. Be sure to get out and shop local this Record Store Day on April 20th, 2024!

I Thought The Strokes Were a NYC Band?

On Friday, March 8th, 2024, I was able to attend the Strokes, NNAMDÏ, Beach Bunny, and Uwade concert for the Chicagoan congressional candidate Kina Collins on behalf of WIUX. The concert was half a birthday celebration for Collins, and half a political rally to encourage voter registration and explain Collin’s policies to the public. 

My Way Too Early Picks for the 2024 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

In case you didn’t know, recently The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame released its 2024 nominees to be inducted this year. While the nominees are extensive, and frankly accomplished, list, only five groups get nominated. So, I’m going to give you my predictions for who I think will get voted in, as well as my opinion on who I would vote in. 

5 Albums You Should Totally Check Out This Spring

After months of dreary weather and bleak midwinter, it feels like all hope is lost in the world, until that first day of spring and we find that this too, shall pass. The creatures that are college students will step outside of their humble abodes, and take in the sun. These few sunny days have me reaching for my spring playlist so I wanted to share a couple albums to add to your spring playlist this year. 

Kaliii: The New “It Girl of Rap”

Kaliii’s global appeal comes straight from her many chart-topping hits that often express the very notions of female empowerment. Many of her song’s main purpose is to try to boost the listener’s confidence through liberating lyrics. 

Boygenius: The Rest of The Record

Each album is unique in its own way, but the two together combine to create something magical, something only Boygenius could truly pull off. There is no time like the present to sit down and check out these two releases, though you may want to keep a box of tissues on standby. Boygenius, you’ve done it again. 

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