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Brylee Stubbs

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‘Hot Girl’ Podcasts

First and foremost, being a ‘hot girl’ is 100% a mindset– all it takes is a good sense of humor, a carefree attitude, and a self-love mindset. You either get it, or you don’t. Below are some of my favorite ‘hot girl’ podcasts and episodes. If a music girlie like me can become a podcast convert, I think you can too. Check these out and see if you have a new favorite podcast!


Boygenius: The Rest of The Record

Each album is unique in its own way, but the two together combine to create something magical, something only Boygenius could truly pull off. There is no time like the present to sit down and check out these two releases, though you may want to keep a box of tissues on standby. Boygenius, you’ve done it again. 

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