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Culture Shock

Trevor Emery


I Thought The Strokes Were a NYC Band?

On Friday, March 8th, 2024, I was able to attend the Strokes, NNAMDÏ, Beach Bunny, and Uwade concert for the Chicagoan congressional candidate Kina Collins on behalf of WIUX. The concert was half a birthday celebration for Collins, and half a political rally to encourage voter registration and explain Collin’s policies to the public. 

Hum Drum Press

What is the HumDrum Press?

I had the pleasure of interviewing Max DiFrisco and Braeden Janes, two founders of the HumDrum Press, an independent record label started a few months ago in town. I was able to talk to them about their inspirations, recent releases, and how this project is different from any other student project.

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Culture Shock: Superlunar Interview

An interview with Tyler Volkmar from Superlunar. Superlunar consists of 3 members, with Tyler Volkmar singing and playing guitar, Kyle Impini playing bass, and Ty Maguiness on drums. Based in Bloomington, the members have been creating music since November 2020.  


Contractual Obligations in the Music Industry

Being recognized by a label and becoming a full-time musician with all the funding and promotion from them is most musicians' idea of the best possible scenario for their music career. A label has a much greater potential to get its name out there and all the benefits, but the musician is (usually) under a contractual agreement for this

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