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5 Albums You Should Totally Check Out This Spring

Here in southern Indiana, the second spring hits, windows are down and we are airing out the seasonal depression. After months of dreary weather and bleak midwinter, it feels like all hope is lost in the world, until that first day of spring and we find that this too, shall pass. Daffodils will bloom and the creatures that are college students will step outside of their humble abodes, and take in the sun. I know these few sunny days have me reaching for my spring playlist so I wanted to share a couple albums that perhaps you have heard of, or perhaps not. In the least, I hope you find at least one song to add to your spring playlist this year.

Corinne Bailey rae.jpeg

Her debut self-titled album, released in 2006 features 11 songs that are perfect for the springtime. Corinne Bailey Rae is the perfect mix of mellow and bright. Additionally, her most famous song can be found on this very album. Through the months of March-May you can find me waking up in the morning and immediately blasting her entire discography. 

Notable tracks: “Trouble Sleeping”, “I’d Like To”, and, of course “Put Your Records On” 

Not on this album, but “Paris Nights/New York Mornings” is a staple in the Corinne Bailey Rae community for me.

Diary 001 by Clairo.jpeg

To offer you a little more indie princess energy, we have a quintessential spring coming-of-age record by Ms. Clairo. Released in 2018, Diary 001 features some of Clairo’s early music that captures the spirit of the era in a bottle. Listening to this EP takes me right back to high school feeling really cool for having discovered an indie artist: you can imagine the sight. 

Notable tracks: “Pretty Girl” and “Flaming Hot Cheetos” 

Not on the album nor her solo music but obviously I have to mention “Steeeam” by Shelly because I wouldn’t be insufferable if I didn’t.

Yellow and Such by Gus Dapperton.jpg

Coming in with another very short EP released in 2017, we have what critics claim a “dream pop” record, whatever that means. I don’t know why this common theme of the late 2010s has a chokehold on me in the spring season, but it’s not letting up anytime soon so we’re gonna lean into it. This EP reminds me of late spring-early summer where music was meant to aid the coming-of-age movie I would constantly create in my head (and still do). Gus Dapperton is an artist that has mostly flown under the radar, and is still creating experimental music. I personally am partial to his earlier music but will remain a fan for my dear Gus.


Notable track: “Gum, Toe, and Soul” 

Not on the EP but I also really like “Prune, You Talk Funny."

Beatopia by beabadoobee.webp

I guess I will supply you with an actual album, if I must. Released in 2022, Beatopia is beabadoobee’s second album in her discography. It has a good mix of upbeat hits and soft ballads. Her light tone brings a bright sound to every song and I think beabadoobee is the definition of a spring artist. 

Notable tracks: “Lovesong”, “broken cd”, and “Sunny Day”

Not on this album, but I am obsessed with “Everest” even though it is more of an autumn hit.

In Between Dreams by Jack Johnson .jpeg

I wanted to end my list with an artist who is the EPITOME of spring and summer. The one, the only… Jack Johnson. Oh my god if I had the power to convince you to start listening to any artist, it would be this man. Of course we all know the Curious George soundtrack that he so iconically graced us with but the rest of Mr. Johnson’s discography? Something to write home about. This particular record features both “Better Together” and “Banana Pancakes”, making for a nostalgic-granola-early-2000s sound that makes waking up in the morning just a little easier. I have no notes! 


Like you don’t understand my connection to not only this album but Jack Johnson as a whole. Wow, ok sorry I went off there for a second but seriously, you need to start listening to Jack Johnson and this is a good place to start!

Notable tracks: “Do You Remember”, “Sitting, Waiting, Wishing”, and “Constellations 

Not on this album but I must include “My Mind is For Sale” which was literally my alarm in the morning in high school. Now it just makes me laugh because the lyrics are a little silly but nonetheless it makes for a good listen.

Now that I have droned on about these impeccable artists, I will leave you with this: while you’re crafting your playlist for this spring… just remember that music should aid as the soundtrack to the movie you’re living in! If it makes you happy, don’t let anyone stopping you from rolling the windows down and blasting your favorite songs for those sunny days! 


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