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Culture Shock

My Time With The Skaaholics

For last year's annual Culture Shock music festival, I had the pleasure of talking to the members of The Skaaholics. They are a fusion band that combines elements of Ska, Rock, Reggae, Punk, Dub, Hip-Hop, and Latin rhythms. 

Tim by The Replacements Finally Gets The Mix It Deserves

  Remixes and remasters are somewhat contentious topics among music listeners. On the one hand, bringing modern technology to help improve the production of an older release made in the pre-laptop era sounds like a good idea. However, this rather simple refinement can result in creative decisions that can not only turn off long-time fans but can impact the true essence behind the record. 

Culture Shock: Superlunar Interview

An interview with Tyler Volkmar from Superlunar. Superlunar consists of 3 members, with Tyler Volkmar singing and playing guitar, Kyle Impini playing bass, and Ty Maguiness on drums. Based in Bloomington, the members have been creating music since November 2020.  

RMR Has It!

It is difficult to classify RMR as a rapper, country artist, or anything in between, but one thing is for sure – RMR is definitely an entertainer.

Newest Podcast Episode

Discover more WIUX podcasts


Ep5 - Kung Fury

Hosts Evan and Keegan are joined in the studio by special guests Grace and Isabella to discuss a classic: Kung Fury. Goofs and gaffs ensue.


Ep4 - Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies

Hosts Evan and Keegan are joined by their special guest Max Difrisco to discuss his underground pick Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies. Listen to the boys have an in-depth analysis of this absolute whack movie. Will it be canon??

pod profile - insta.png

Ep4 - cinco de mayo

This episode focuses on Cinco de Mayo and its historical background as the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Betsy also answers the questions, what does it celebrate? Why do people celebrate in the US but not in Mexico? How can Cinco de Mayo be offensive towards Mexicans and other hispanic/latino communities? Betsy also provides examples on how to be respectful during the celebratory day and after. Tune in!

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