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Culture Shock

KISS: Come Back To Small Towns

KISS has put on the largest live show in the world on its End of the Road World Tour. This has left fans of all ages from Midwestern small towns, much like myself, hoping that KISS goes out the same way it started.

Could Filmmaking Become a New Way to Promote an Album Release?

In the past there has been a rise in artists, such as Machine Gun Kelly, Denzel Curry, and Taylor Swift, creating short or feature length films that correspond with their albums. Could this be a return to the visual artistic expression possessed by older artists, such as Prince, Pink Floyd, and The Beatles?

Alternatives to the Grammy Awards

My previous article was centered around how the Grammy Awards seem to show bias in choosing awards, as well as not recognizing Black artists for the work they put in. As a solution to this problem, some people call for the Grammys to be replaced by a new, fairer music award show. However, two  existing award shows have the potential to become the next big thing.

Contractual Obligations in the Music Industry

Being recognized by a label and becoming a full-time musician with all the funding and promotion from them is most musicians' idea of the best possible scenario for their music career. A label has a much greater potential to get its name out there and all the benefits, but the musician is (usually) under a contractual agreement for this

Sematary’s Butcher House Album Review

"Death, madness, murder, mayhem, it's the real haunted mound in your town." Butcher House is the new mixtape by 22-year-old NorCal rapper Sematary. Heavily influenced by 2010's Chicago Drill, early SoundCloud rap, and witch house, Sematary packages these elements in a black metal and slasher film aesthetic that's as much Chief Keef and Yung Lean as it is Jason Vorhees.

Newest Podcast Episode

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Ep4 - cinco de mayo

This episode focuses on Cinco de Mayo and its historical background as the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Betsy also answers the questions, what does it celebrate? Why do people celebrate in the US but not in Mexico? How can Cinco de Mayo be offensive towards Mexicans and other hispanic/latino communities? Betsy also provides examples on how to be respectful during the celebratory day and after. Tune in!

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Ep3 - how to be latina

In this episode, Betsy talks about the defining characteristics of a Latinx woman and how pushing for one sole definition can be really damaging for many. It can lead to decreased feelings of self-worth and insecurities to rise. She shares some of her insecurities and why they are prevalent in her life. Join Betsy as she tackles the difficulties of being a daughter of immigrant parents and not always finding the right spot to fit into.

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