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Culture Shock

My Way Too Early Picks for the 2024 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

In case you didn’t know, recently The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame released its 2024 nominees to be inducted this year. While the nominees are extensive, and frankly accomplished, list, only five groups get nominated. So, I’m going to give you my predictions for who I think will get voted in, as well as my opinion on who I would vote in. 

5 Albums You Should Totally Check Out This Spring

After months of dreary weather and bleak midwinter, it feels like all hope is lost in the world, until that first day of spring and we find that this too, shall pass. The creatures that are college students will step outside of their humble abodes, and take in the sun. These few sunny days have me reaching for my spring playlist so I wanted to share a couple albums to add to your spring playlist this year. 

What is the HumDrum Press?

I had the pleasure of interviewing Max DiFrisco and Braeden Janes, two founders of the HumDrum Press, an independent record label started a few months ago in town. I was able to talk to them about their inspirations, recent releases, and how this project is different from any other student project.

‘Hot Girl’ Podcasts

First and foremost, being a ‘hot girl’ is 100% a mindset– all it takes is a good sense of humor, a carefree attitude, and a self-love mindset. You either get it, or you don’t. Below are some of my favorite ‘hot girl’ podcasts and episodes. If a music girlie like me can become a podcast convert, I think you can too. Check these out and see if you have a new favorite podcast!

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Ep5 - Kung Fury

Hosts Evan and Keegan are joined in the studio by special guests Grace and Isabella to discuss a classic: Kung Fury. Goofs and gaffs ensue.

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