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Logo of WIUX
Logo of WIUX
Logo of WIUX
Culture Shock


601 East Kirkwood Avenue, Suite 235, Bloomington Indiana
(812) 855-WIUX (9489)

President / Natalie Ingalls

president@wiux.orgGeneral inquiries

Vice President of Content / Keegan Priest

vpc@wiux.orgInquiries about the creative output of WIUX

Vice President of External Affairs / Ishwar Kumbam

vpea@wiux.orgPartnerships and collaborative ideas

Vice President of Operations and Infrastructure / Jimmy Diskin

vpoi@wiux.orgStation operation and FCC compliance

99.1 Programming Director / Ellen Abdullah

programming@wiux.orgShows, DJs, and general programming questions for 99.1 FM

B-Side Programming Director / Charlotte Jones

programming@wiux.orgShows, DJs, and general programming questions for B-Side

Music Director / Jacob Gustin

music@wiux.orgSubmitting music for airplay, suggestions for new music, charting

Podcast Production Director / Grace Salzer

podcastproduction@wiux.orgProduction for all WIUX podcasts

Radio Production Director /

radioproduction@wiux.orgProduction for all radio content

Head Engineer / Danny Schefield

engineering@wiux.orgAudio recording and engineering for WIUX's broadcast stations, videos, and events

Audio Content Director / Isabella Sodano

audiocontent@wiux.orgUnique and innovative content

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Director / Shivaani Bala

dei@wiux.orgNews content and programming

News Director / Olivia Bianco

news@wiux.orgNews content and programming

Sports Directors / William McDermott & Zion Brown

sports@wiux.orgSports content and programming

Web Content Director / Alyssa Andrews

webcontent@wiux.orgWriting for WIUX

Finance Director / Gaby Rondel

finance@wiux.orgFinance WIUX

Visual Content Director / Caleb Wood

visualcontent@wiux.orgVisual content

Special Events Director / Tovah Blumenfeld

spev@wiux.orgBooking performances and events, event partnerships

Festival Operations Director / Trevor Emery

fops@wiux.orgCulture Shock inquires

Public Relations and Alumni Outreach Director / Priya Pai

prao@wiux.orgCovering WIUX events, press releases, donations, working with student organizations and outside groups, charitable opportunities, alumni relations

Marketing Director / Juliette Castagna

marketing@wiux.orgMarketing for WIUX

Business Relations Director / Tanya Pydimarry

businessrelations@wiux.orgAdvertising, underwriting, sponsorships, and merchandise sales

Social Media Director / Trent Schneider

socialmedia@wiux.orgQuestions and suggestions for WIUX's social media presence

Art Director /

art@wiux.orgArt and design for WIUX merchandise and promotional material

Event DJ Director / Warren Briggs

eventdj@wiux.orgDJ services for events

IT Director / Trevor Buechler

it@wiux.orgOnline broadcast streams, website and technical support

Analytics Director / Rebecca Gross

analytics@wiux.orgData and statistics for listeners and website traffic

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