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Culture Shock

FJ Miller


My Time With The Skaaholics

For last year's annual Culture Shock music festival, I had the pleasure of talking to the members of The Skaaholics. They are a fusion band that combines elements of Ska, Rock, Reggae, Punk, Dub, Hip-Hop, and Latin rhythms. 


KISS: Come Back To Small Towns

KISS has put on the largest live show in the world on its End of the Road World Tour. This has left fans of all ages from Midwestern small towns, much like myself, hoping that KISS goes out the same way it started.


Could Filmmaking Become a New Way to Promote an Album Release?

In the past there has been a rise in artists, such as Machine Gun Kelly, Denzel Curry, and Taylor Swift, creating short or feature length films that correspond with their albums. Could this be a return to the visual artistic expression possessed by older artists, such as Prince, Pink Floyd, and The Beatles?

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