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Culture Shock

Eliza Craig


Joji's Nectar - Reinterpretation and Review

Photo Credit: Anya Heminger Joji's release of "Nectar" has stood out from his past album releases. After straying away from his "Pink Guy" act on Youtube and his production of raunchy music created mostly for young/prepubescent teenage boys, he releases his first album, "In Tongues". This and "BALLADS ...


MidWay Music Festival 2020!

MidWay Music Speaks is the non-profit Bloomington based organization that works to connect women and non-binary people in music and in the music industry. The organization was founded in 2018 following the first Midway Music Festival in 2018. The yearly festivals are put on entirely by Bloomington locals. ...


Who We Are + The Female Genius. Movement

Hello there! Welcome to our show! :) In our first episode, we give you a little background information on who we are and what we've been up to recently at IU. An organization that we are involved in called Women in Business took a stance on an issue that deeply resonated with us. Listen to learn more ...


Chasing Greatness

The college football landscape has seen a lot of changes throughout this season, and this episode begins with the newest addition to the top 25 rankings: The Indiana Hoosiers. Moving on, the two hosts debate which of the top two teams in the nation should truly be ranked number one after all that they’ve ...

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