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Joji's Nectar - Reinterpretation and Review


Photo Credit: Anya Heminger

Joji's release of "Nectar" has stood out from his past album releases. After straying away from his "Pink Guy" act on Youtube and his production of raunchy music created mostly for young/prepubescent teenage boys, he releases his first album, "In Tongues". This and "BALLADS 1" both gave a very R&B feel; something that was extremely unexpected of the artist. Now, Nectar redefined the artist's style and the complexity of his voice.

Something we see in every song in this album is the placement of the sound. It is given a very 'in the background radio' sort of sound. It isn't hitting you in the front of the ears, but gives you more of a feeling that the sound is coming within you. The songs on this album range from 80 BPM (Tick Tock) and 168 BPM (Sanctuary). You can find a song for just about any mood and feeling.

Plenty of collaborations scatter the song list. Diplo, Omar Apollo, Lil Yachty, rei brown, BENEE, and Yves Tumor all make appearances throughout the songs. The songs each of these artists are in fit perfectly to their style and genre. For instance, Joji decided to do more of a bedroom pop sound for BENEE (Afterthought), and more of a rap/hip-hop sound for Lil Yachty (Pretty Boy); however, he still maintained his sound.

One song in particular stood out to me among all others: "777". It is the kind of song that can pick you up out of any funk you're in. From the clapping in the background, to the beat, to his overall voice and lyrics, this song stood out from the others to me. I put this song in my "i'm nervous in my car for some reason playlist", because it instantly pulls me out of any anxious mood I'm in.

I just absolutely loved this album. I was definitely one of the people waiting at my phone for it to be dropped. The entire album is on my "music i'd eat a crap sandwich for". This album is so incredibly well made and all of them have their own beautiful sounds, while still making an extremely cohesive and beautiful album.

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