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Culture Shock

Chasing Greatness

The college football landscape has seen a lot of changes throughout this season, and this episode begins with the newest addition to the top 25 rankings: The Indiana Hoosiers. Moving on, the two hosts debate which of the top two teams in the nation should truly be ranked number one after all that they’ve accomplished this season. For the third segment, there is a brief breakdown of some conference rivalries in the week to come, which leads into a discussion of some playoff contenders. Finally, straying from the field, there is commentary on one of the league’s most questionable suspensions of the season.

Intro (0:00)
Segment One: Ranked? (0:14)
Segment Two: Tigers or Buckeyes? (9:53)
Segment Three: Conference Foes (20:32)
Segment Four: Chasing the Playoffs (25:51)
Segment Five: Chasing Chase (36:48)


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