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Why are there so many deluxe tracks in music recently? Often, they do not really fit the typical idea for a deluxe either, as they're often released immediately after the album's standard edition. Unless you happen to be one of the artist's biggest fans, it can feel like a ploy for more revenue. The bigger the artist, the more this occurs, with recent examples seen with albums by artists like Drake, Taylor Swift, and Baby Keem. In the past, a deluxe version of an album would usually be released after an extended period, such as an album's anniversary, and contain demos or exclusive tracks from the artist. But now, these versions often contain many more songs and are released shortly afterward, sometimes just a few days later. Has the deluxe edition of an album lost its charm, or is it just a quick way to make more money?

Recently deluxe editions of albums have felt lacking, especially when it is too soon to gauge an opinion from the fans. Think Taylor Swift's Midnights (3am Edition) or Drake's Certified Lover Boy deluxe not nailing the timing for a deluxe edition. These albums are fine in their own right, but their deluxe edition hampered any future recognition they could have had. Albums like these could nail their timing by artists releasing them for the anniversary or with a larger lead-up. A deluxe edition makes it seem like the tracks have little reason to be regarded when released this quickly unless the songs are so mind-blowingly well made it takes the listener by surprise. However, the lack of recent quality in deluxe editions suggests that this is a record label cash grab to sell more merchandise or bump up their number on the billboards.

This is not to say that the deluxe edition of an album is always bad. Many older bands have had great success with their remasters, deluxe, or special edition releases far after the original release. After more time has passed, the new edition does not feel like a ploy for money but rather a great way to share demo tracks or just longer studio sessions from the album. These editions clearly are for the fans of the album, which makes a successful difference compared to the hastily released deluxe edition cash grab.


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