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5 Romantic Movies to watch with your Significant Other this Valentines Day

Just in case you’re scrambling this Valentine's Day, looking for something with a little romance, or just want to watch a good movie with your significant other, here are a few movies that I love about love. 

Disclaimer, I also would not consider myself to be by any means a film aficionado so some of these may be very popular or too on the nose, but I’m doing my best to give you good romance and film quality.

Anyway, in no particular order, to kick off the list my first movie recommendation is one of my all-time personal favorites, and one I always come back to, When Harry Met Sally…. This is a fun romcom about two characters who grapple with the age old, and probably inundated, question of “can men and women really ever be friends without attraction being involved.” This is the perfect movie if you are a fan of slow burn and friends to lovers romance stories, and this one is presented in one of the cutest ways possible. It will leave you wanting to have what she’s having.

Our next one was adapted from a Shakespeare play, and no it’s not Romeo and Juliet. 10 Things I Hate About You is a fun and light hearted romcom starring the always charming late great Heath Ledger. It is an unlikely love story based on The Taming of the Shrew between the headstrong independent Kat Stratford and the rough-edged bad boy Patrick Verona. Its quintessential 90s soundtrack and stellar cast list always make me want to find the nearest set of bleachers in which I can traipse across serenading those I love.

Up next, we have a more serious drama that challenges the viewer with the challenges of emotional vulnerability and discusses the role that romance plays in our lives. Good Will Hunting is a story of self-made genius Will Hunting, whose troubled youth in South Boston has kept him from obtaining his full potential. This is until he is discovered by an MIT professor who takes him under his wing with the help of counseling provided by Sean Maguire, Robin Williams’ character. The story discusses the vulnerability of love and its nuances. It’s one of my favorites and has one of the best final lines in film. 

This one is for those who are looking for a gut-wrenching film chronicling the life of a pair gay cowboys. Brokeback Mountain is a forbidden love story that stars Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. The film discusses the struggles that come from environmental stereotypes and upbringing on attachment and expression. It is likely to bring a tear to the eye and will leave you heartbroken in the most beautiful way possible. A must watch with tissues kind of situation. 

The final movie is a lesser known 80s romance movie that I adore. Can’t Buy Me Love is the story of nerdy Ronald Miller who would kill, or well pay, to be one of the cool kids, and gets the opportunity when the popular girl Cindy Mancini finds herself in a financial bind. This charming movie breakdowns behind the importance given to social status amongst teenagers and stars the charming Patrick Dempsey. It’s a favorite of my dad and I’s, and is a cheesy 80s movie to a T. It never fails to make me laugh and is a reminder that true love is always more than surface level.


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