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Culture Shock

Coady Raab


Shrek 2: Electric Boogaloo

It’s 2004 – your music taste has been defined by whatever HitClips you got from your McDonald’s Happy Meal, and you stay up late every night watching lo-res versions of your favorite cartoons on your JuiceBox Personal Media Player. You’ve already seen the first Shrek at this point, obviously, ...


Max Keeble's Big Move: Disney's Best Film?

“I was a player with a phat attitude… or as I liked to call it… phat-itude…” - Max Keeble (played by Alex D. Linz) tells us in the opening sequence of the great journey that is Max Keeble’s Big Move. Spoilers ahead for the 2001 release, Max Keeble's Big Move! The basic premise ...


Boy Pablo - Soy Pablo

Released October 5, 2018 RATING: 4/7 With the debut of “Flowers” in 2016, Nicolás Pablo Rivera Muñoz began his entrance into the Indie Rock scene. The ethnically Chilean, Norway-based artist performs under the name Boy Pablo. His music is an Indie sound with new wave, surf rock, and jangle pop ...


Hippo Campus - Bambi

Released September 28, 2018 RATING: 4/7 Since their debut in 2013, Hippo Campus has given us the perfect music to play on a Sunday picnic or a nice day at the beach. The indie band from St. Paul has been successful in creating their own light-hearted, surfer-esque sound. However, on this newest release, ...


Blood Orange - Negro Swan

Released August 24th, 2018 RATING: 5/7 Blood Orange is the stage name of Dev Hynes, a British musician who blends the best of soul, R&B, and dance, among others, to make a truly unique sound. In his fourth studio album, Blood Orange’s Negro Swan explores Hynes’ own thoughts on black identity ...


The German Music Scene Through the Eyes of an American

3 days in Munich. Not enough time to get to know the city, let alone its music scene. Nevertheless, I tried. Welcome to maybe the world’s most informal and inaccurate guide to the Munich music scene. To get to know what a city likes, it’s best to find out what acts are touring there. I checked ...


Shrek: King of Soundtracks

Remember Shrek? Of course you do. The 2001 animated film featuring a Scottish ogre, played and voiced by Mike Myers, won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature but more importantly, saturated the internet with countless memes based on it. Shrek is based on the picture book Shrek! by William Steig, ...


Culture Shock 2018 Sponsor Playlist: Secretly Canadian

This playlist is made out of music from artists signed to Secretly Canadian. Secretly Canadian is a record label based in Bloomington, IN, and one of the sponsors of this year’s Culture Shock music festival. SC artists have ranged from notable Indie names like The War on Drugs, and Yeasayer, to more ...


Students Protest New Spaghetti Policy

BLOOMINGTON – Thousands of students gathered in protest of pasta yesterday in Dunn Meadow. IU President Michael McRobbie stated on Friday that “Indiana University’s new official noodle is Spaghetti.”   Students were not pleased.   “Spaghetti sucks,” said Freshman Lynne Guinee, ...

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