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Culture Shock

Def Jam announces new collaboration album: "A Bunch of Rapper Noises"

Def Jam has announced a new collaboration in the works between some of Hip Hop’s top artists. There is one catch though; it’s made up of all of their signature ad-libs. That’s right, everything from Chance the Rapper’s “IGH” to Mike Jones' “MIKE JONES” in one album. The only lyrical content will be made up from catch-phrases, the rest will come from the top "Yo's, Yeah's, and Yuh's" of Hip Hop.

Def Jam representatives said this album is a move to "diversify the label and take it to new heights."

The release date in unclear, but a full track list has been leaked. If you need to acquaint yourself with some of the sounds that will be on the album here is a helpful tool.


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