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‘Hot Girl’ Podcasts

I’ll be the first to admit that I have never really been a podcast girlie. There are few people that I want to have talk aimlessly in my ear for 45-minutes-to-an-hour, and I typically don’t have a long enough attention span to follow a long conversation, much less one that I can’t actively participate in. However, a new era of podcasts has been born in the last few years, and I have to say, it’s got an iron-chokehold on me. Influencers like Brittany Broski, Enya Umanzor, Emma Chamberlain, and more have all created podcasts I like to categorize as “hot girl podcasts.” First and foremost, being a ‘hot girl’ is 100% a mindset– all it takes is a good sense of humor, a carefree attitude, and a self-love mindset. You either get it, or you don’t. Below are some of my favorite ‘hot girl’ podcasts and episodes. If a music girlie like me can become a podcast convert, I think you can too. Check these out and see if you have a new favorite podcast!

The Broski Report

TikTok and YouTube star Brittany Broski is quickly becoming my favorite online influencer. Brittany shot to fame in 2019 after a video of her trying kombucha for the first time went wildly viral. Side note, I reacted the same way when I first tried kombucha, but I’m not hugely famous now. Whatever. Fast forward a few years, and Brittany is no longer just known as ‘Kombucha Girl,’– She has now created an online empire dubbed ‘Broski Nation.’ Painfully hilarious and constantly relatable, Brittany is the perfect podcast host. I make the drive up from Bloomington to the Indianapolis area fairly often, and every time I do, I throw on a new episode of ‘The Broski Report’ and laugh through the awful 465 traffic. Her topics range from screaming about celebrities to dissecting religious trauma, and I eat it up every time. She drops episodes weekly and uploads visuals for each podcast online if you’re more of a YouTube sort of listener (another side note, her facial expressions are just as hilarious as her phrasing. She is an all around gem!) Her YouTube channel is hilarious, her TikToks are incredibly real, and she is undoubtedly one of the best things to come out of social media in recent times.

I Pre-Gamed this Episode

Emergency Intercom

Long-time internet personas, Enya Umanzor and Drew Phillips finally started a podcast in the summer of 2021. The duo found their fame on Vine, which tells you just how long they’ve been online. The two were online friends for years before finally moving in together after high school and creating content full time. With roughly 1.5 million YouTube subscribers between them, Enya and Drew are growing in popularity each time I check in on them. I am being completely honest when I say that Enya and Drew are genuinely some of the funniest people I’ve ever come across, and listening to their podcast episodes feels like I’m hanging out with my friends. They discuss everything, and I genuinely mean everything. Each episode runs about an hour, give or take, and the titles usually make me giggle before I even start the episode. Similar to Brittany Broski, Drew and Enya talk about their hardships, give advice to viewers, and discuss the weirdest topics possible. I seriously think I just need to shrink Enya and Drew down and have them sit on my shoulders and narrate my life at this point. If you see me start to copy every aspect of their lives, mind your own business. They’re just too funny to be ignored. The day Enya and Drew leave the internet is the day I do too, there’s just no point in being online without these two.

Emergency Intercom - Episode 3 (Our House Is Cursed) 

Very Really Good

If you’ve opened YouTube in the last 5 years, you’ve probably seen a Kurtis Conner video floating around the Trending page. His first podcast episode was way back in 2018, but he has been posting online for much longer, finding his start on Vine and continuing on from there. Kurtis frequently does stand-up comedy shows and tours, but in a way that is actually funny and not painfully awkward like many stand-up comedians are. Many of his YouTube videos are pun-filled critiques of cringy online content, particularly wild TikToks and bizarre forgotten TV shows. Kurtis has a wit like no other, and hearing him laugh at his own jokes makes me laugh even harder. His use of comedic sound effects and absurd editing styles makes it impossible for anyone to view with a straight face, and these elements translate perfectly into his podcast. His podcast is unlike any I’ve listened to so far, and he understands dry Gen-Z humor to a T. Kurtis features guests fairly often, whether they are for interviewing purposes or just another goofy speaker to bounce jokes off of, and every guest matches his energy so well. Kurtis really understands his audience, and knows how to keep them laughing at the same bit across several episodes. While you don’t need to listen to his podcast in order, I absolutely recommend starting way back at the very beginning and listening to older episodes to appreciate just how far he has come, and how strong his comedy really is. After all, is there really anything funnier than a fart joke and a funny sound effect? Be honest with yourself. 

BOOMER HUMOUR - Very Really Good #228

Anything Goes

Emma Chamberlain’s online transformation is my Roman Empire. Beginning as a quirky-girl YouTuber, she has since evolved into a mature and intellectual film artist who provides relatable content while still maintaining a fun and bubbly personality. Emma is one of the realest online influencers there is. She’s not afraid to be vulnerable and honest, and doesn’t shy away from showcasing her struggles. ‘Anything Goes’ debuted in 2019, and won a Webby Award for best lifestyle podcast in 2021. As the eldest sibling, Emma Chamberlain feels like the older sister I never had. She’s funny, genuine, and incredibly smart, and every episode is comforting, no matter the subject matter. Each episode is casual and relaxed, losing that typical scripted feel that many lifestyle podcasts have. Her stream-of-consciousness style of speech is easy to take in, and despite its more serious overtone, her hilarious personality still shines through and makes me smile. Chamberlain creates a safe space for listeners of all ages, and engages her audience without fail. If you need a podcast that can make you laugh, cry, and learn about yourself all at once, look no further than ‘Anything Goes’ with Emma Chamberlain. 

Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain Poop Anxiety Media Podcasts

The Bald and the Beautiful

Famous drag queens Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova have been in the social media world for decades at this point. Trixie began her YouTube career several years before she was cast on season 7 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, where she met her now co-star and close friend, Katya. Outside of the show, the comedy duo are best known for their hit online show, ‘UNHhhh,’ which premieres on YouTube. This show first aired in 2016, and is still an on-going success today. ‘UNHhhh’ is a podcast-esque show, where the two go on funny tangents about random topics, because “it’s their show, and not yours.” The success of this web series provided the perfect opportunity for the birth of a tried-and-true podcast, which has also been very successful. The podcast has won multiple awards for its content, and continues to win over the hearts of listeners (myself included!) Whether you are experienced in the world of drag, or this is something completely new to you, I think you will find something enjoyable in ‘The Bald and the Beautiful.’ The unscripted nature of the show makes it hilariously chaotic, and the witty back-and-forths between Trixie and Katya is like nothing else. Somehow, two 30-to-40-something-year-old bald men seem to know exactly what I want to hear, and I just think that’s great. Give it a listen below!

The Niagara Falls of Vomit with Trixie and Katya | The Bald & the Beautiful


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