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No Rose Without a Thorn: Blake Rose's New EP Embodies a Story Worth Telling

“You’ll Get it When You’re Older” — it’s a phrase that younger siblings and little kids are tired of hearing as they try to understand things that can still perplex even adults. For Blake Rose, singer-songwriter from Perth, Australia, this phrase held power as he grew up struggling to understand his sister’s drug abuse. Through his new EP, You’ll Get it When You’re Older, Rose has created a collection of thematically dark and somber music that makes the listener feel warm and hopeful.

Before he was opening for artists such as Noah Kahan and girl in red, Rose’s venues consisted of the backseat in his family’s car and the streets of Australia. On a roadtrip with his family, Rose began playing more guitar and experimenting with production apps, such as GarageBand. Eventually, Rose took to busking to share his music with bypassers for the occasional tip.

He started humbly, playing for strangers who could have taken no liking to his music. Since then, Blake Rose has become a pop artist capable of impacting others with his optimistic outlook and inspirational tone.

In regards to the new EP, there are three specific songs I want to highlight: “Don’t Stop the Car,” “Magazine,” and “Already Be Dead.”

When listening to the album, “Don’t Stop the Car” was immediately the first song to grab my attention. It is an undeniable pop anthem that truly embodies the tunnel song scene from the book/movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It channels the young adult angst that we all feel when we can’t seem to wrap our head around our own thoughts.

Although “Don’t Stop the Car” continues to be a favorite, “Magazine” and “Already Be Dead” earned the top two places in my rankings after I listened to them again through the lens that Rose provided. Rose stated that these two songs best represent the project as a whole, as they reflect conversations with his parents and his sister.

“Magazine” tells the story of growing up surrounded by addiction and assuring his parents that they are not to blame. “Already Be Dead” completes the album and shows Rose telling his sister how he finally understands what she has been trying to convey. He concludes that if he were her, he would not have made it as far as she has come.

On the surface, You’ll Get it When You’re Older is a pop EP filled with catchy rhythms and lyrics that can be applicable to the variety of angst, heartbreak, and headaches that we all experience as we enter adulthood. Underneath, however, the EP depicts the impact of watching a loved one battle addiction along with comforting parents who feel at fault, all tethered together with the emotions that come with growing up. Blake Rose, his sister, and their parents are openly and compassionately sharing an oftentimes tabooed experience. This EP holds a message to be heard and connections to be made with the thousands of other families struggling with similar scenarios. For this reason, I highly encourage you to take a listen to the album through this lens and enjoy Blake Rose’s newest project for all it’s worth!

Madison Ridley is an In2une Campus Representative.

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