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Culture Shock

Veronica Rooney


King Princess - Cheap Queen

King Princess is a unique blend of the record industry of old and the genre-bending, self-produced music of the 2000s. Her hit single “1950” excited strict alternative listeners while simultaneously getting her noticed and signed by famous pop producer Mark Ronson. Under his label, she released ...


Tennis - Swimmer

2020 marked a year of special celebration for Tennis. This year welcomed the release of the band’s fifth studio album, Swimmer, as well as the ten year wedding anniversary of its founding members, Alaina Moore-Ripley and Patrick Ripley. This sense of accomplishment in both music and life is met ...


Angel Olsen - All Mirrors

Angel Olsen is nothing if not a woman with a vision. Confident, modern, and authentic, she stands out in an ever-growing crowd of aspiring musicians. But to call Angel Olsen an “aspiring musician” would do her a great disservice. All Mirrors is a masterpiece all on its own, but it's the culmination ...

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