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Culture Shock

Tanner Chaille


Stars Are Blind by Paris Hilton: The Hero We Need

Let’s face it: we could all use a little escapism right about now. In fact, the current COVID-19 hellscape that we live in requires a special kind of escapism. One that can transport you back to a silly, uncomplicated time – perhaps the 2000’s? In 2006, to be specific, things were really looking ...


Indonesia’s Morality Bill: Paternalism in Democracy

By Carter Cooley Last week, tens of thousands of Indonesians flooded the streets of their capitol Jakarta. Protesters were marching against a proposed morality bill that would completely overhaul the Indonesian criminal justice code as it stands known today. Facing down police lines, tear gas, and ...


Bloomington's Climate Strike in Photos: Demanding Action

Climate change's devastating effects were at the center of Friday's event, where students and activists alike demanded action from the local government. WIUX News member Ryan Masoncup took these photos to illustrate the community that came to support environmental awareness. [gallery columns="1" size="large" ...


The Celebrity Effect: Ukraine’s 2019 Presidential Election

By Carter Cooley Incumbent Petro Poroshenko is still lagging behind challengers in a recent public opinion poll regarding the fast-approaching Ukrainian presidential election. Two-time former prime minister and leader of the prominent pro-EU “Fatherland” party, candidate Yulia Tymoshenko maintains ...


As Another Government Shutdown Looms, Trump Waivers

By Tanner Chaille Following the end of the longest-ever government shutdown which came to a close late last month, a new budget deadline is rapidly approaching. In the face of more public backlash, Congress has produced a spending bill with bipartisan support. This would provide a solution to the ...


Like a Franzia Wine: The Japanese Population Crisis

By Carter Cooley First world countries enjoy the highest quality infrastructure, amenities, and degree of economic opportunity in the entire world, but what happens when progress starts to outpace human acclamation to progress? The people of Japan enjoy the comforts and quality of life supported ...

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