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Five Forecastle Sets We're Freaking Out About

We are in the humid midst of festival season, and our southern neighbors have a strong contender with Forecastle, hosted from Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville is a really cool town, kind of in the same vein as Bloomington-- but a little larger and with a lot more booze. Forecastle is celebrating its ...


iceage-- Plowing Into the Field of Love

6/7 stars I'll admit that I was never the biggest fan of iceage, that when I had the opportunity to see them live for free, I passed it up. Back in 2011, their first album had a bunch of hype, and I wasn't into it. It felt too visceral, cynical, without any interesting breaks from the aggressive Nordic ...


Interpol-- El Pintor

Released: 9/8/2014 4/7 stars Since the advent of the post-punk-revival era, catapulting groups like The Strokes and Franz Ferdinand to mega commercial fame, Interpol has never done anything to differentiate themselves from the stereotype of this genre being inherently shallow. Interpol has always ...

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