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Culture Shock

Mitchell Banks


The Journey Begins

In this first episode, Your Friendly Neighborhood Atheist Aaron Guevara details his journey from Christianity to atheism, as well as offers insights into his personal thoughts on the atheism vs. theism debate, the state of intellectual discourse in our country, and how we as Americans must undergo a ...


Mary Pickford

On this first episode of Herstory, hosts Madison Brandl and Maggie Crady delve into the life of Mary Pickford, the first Hollywood film star. Listen in to find out more about the actress/producer once described as "the most well-known woman in the world," and why she should hold that title today. Later ...


An Interview with Steven Hyden Steven Hyden is a music journalist who wrote the 2016 book Your Favorite Band is Killing Me, the host of the Celebration Rock podcast, a former editor of AV Club, and has done other awesome stuff! Listen in as WIUX Specialty Programming ...


An Interview with Alice Wetterlund Actress and comedian Alice Wetterlund was recently in Bloomington to perform stand-up at The Comedy Attic and WIUX was lucky enough to snag an in-studio interview with her! You may have seen her in the movies or on the TV screen ...


Shaky Knees Writeup: Top Acts That Took Me By Surprise

Last week I covered the Shaky Knees festival in Atlanta, GA for WIUX. The best word to describe the festival was pleasant. The festival was located in the lush and historic Centennial Olympic Park in Downtown Atlanta and is only in its second year of being at this location even though the festival was ...


Most Anticipated Sets at Shaky Knees 2017

Most Anticipated Sets at Shaky Knees 2017 Every weekend of the summer an opportunity for a festival cash grab. Every festival is an opportunity to book whatever bands are touring during the summer to add to a festival lineup to generate profit. This formula has been used in the past few years to ...


Super Smash Bros. with House Olympics

Mitchell Banks talks emo music, spooky graveyard vibes, and fond memories of Culture Shocks past with local band, House Olympics--all while simultaneously playing a few rounds of everyone's favorite fighting game: Super Smash Brothers. [embed][/embed] You ...

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