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Culture Shock

Luke Cherchenko


Mamby on the Beach 2018: My Experience

I was lucky enough to experience Mamby On The Beach this year over the weekend of June 23rd and 24th. As someone who tries to indulge and expose himself to as many summer music events around the city as possible, I have to admit that Mamby truly has a unique atmosphere and charm to it that I haven’t ...


Mamby On the Beach 2018: Best of Music

Over the last full weekend of June, I had the pleasure of attending Mamby on the Beach, Chicago’s only major beach festival. While the location on Oakwood Beach with its perfect view of the beautiful Chicago skyline from the main stage was already reason enough to go, I was originally intrigued by ...


Mamby On The Beach 2018: Who We're Excited For

June is finally upon us and that means it's summer festival season in Chicago! Throughout the next few months, music enthusiasts close to the city should consider themselves lucky as there is something for everyone in terms of music, especially at the major festivals people from all around the country ...


An Interview with Major Murphy

I got the chance to ask Jacob Bullard of Major Murphy a few questions earlier this week about their new record, their influences, and their upcoming set at Culture Shock. Enjoy! 1. First of all, congrats on the new record, No.1, that came out last week! From what I’ve read, it was three years in ...


Mount Eerie - Now Only

Rating: 6/7   Around this time last year, Phil Elverum released his ninth album under the name Mount Eerie, A Crow Looked at Me. The record documents in vivid detail the death of Elverum’s wife, Geniviéve, in 2016. Death isn’t exactly an uncommon theme within music, especially recently; ...


Against All Logic (A.A.L) - 2012-2017

Rating: 6/7   In July last summer, I attended Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago, and on the final day of the fest I was faced with a classic festival dilemma: ending the day with a set from emo math rock legends American Football or with a set from eclectic experimental producer Nicolas Jaar. ...


Bjork - Utopia

Released: 11/23   Rating: 5/7   Preview: Björk is back with another album full of emotion and lush soundscapes.   There are few artists on this planet who have a voice and style as characteristic to them as Björk. Over the span of her four decade career, her presence and influence ...


Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Luciferian Towers

4/7   Released 9/21/2017   Godspeed You! Black Emperor is a band whose sound is often characterized to be as arduous and prodigious as their name. For the past two decades, their cinematic brand of post-rock has established them as one of the most popular and acclaimed groups in the genre. ...

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