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Jake Mappes


Forgotten Rock Gems: The Pixies' Masterpiece

In 1987, a relatively unknown alternative band from Boston began recording one of the most influential albums of the decade, Surfer Rosa. This band, the Pixies, were new to the scene, as they formed only a year previously in '86 and had just one album under their belt before 'Rosa. The album has been ...


Forgotten Rock Gems: Heart's "Dreamboat Annie"

It's time for another edition of Forgotten Rock Gems (or FRG for the simpler folk)! This is only the second one I've done, so bear with me as I get accustomed to these articles. A few weeks back, I looked at Kiss' debut album, a theme that will carry on to the article that you are reading currently. ...


Forgotten Rock Gems: KISS' Underappreciated Debut

Starting with this piece, I will be breaking down some of my personal favorite rock albums of the last 50 years that I think have fallen through the cracks of rock history. I won't be doing Abbey Road or Pet Sounds, although some of my chosen albums will be from notable artists. The main point I want ...


Go to Concerts!

On July 25th, I knocked something major off of my bucket list: Seeing a Beatle live in concert. Paul McCartney stopped by in Chicago as a part of his One on One world tour. I bought my ticket for the concerts months ahead of the concert, just in case, it sold out quickly. It was the best $80 I've ever ...


Bladerunner 2049: My Introduction to the Franchise

I will admit, seeing the new action-thriller Blade Runner: 2049 without seeing the 1982 original Blade Runner first may have been a mistake. Nonetheless, I found the Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford led film to be thought-provoking and visually stunning, although I was confused at times. As a direct sequel ...

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