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Culture Shock

Dan Lee


Hobo Johnson - The Rise of Hobo Johnson

RATING: NO/7 Recently, one of the most exciting voices in modern indie music has emerged from the suburbs of one of America’s major cities. Years of experience in a local DIY scene has lead him to seamlessly blend elements of indie rock and hiphop, drawing on his background in spoken word to craft ...


Kero Kero Bonito - TOTEP

4/7 The British trio, consisting of vocalist Sarah Midori Perry and producers Gus Lobban & Jamie Bulled, rose to prominence with colorful, fun pop-hop incorporating Japanese rapping, electronic production, and happy-go-lucky lyricism. However, those traits are nowhere to be found on this record, ...


"Should I Fight This Indie Musician?": Your Handy Guide

For reference, I’m directly ripping off this Grantland article, and that’s all the context you should need. Everything on this list is based purely on hypotheticals. There’s always a nonzero chance that the musician you’re fighting actually has Anderson Silva-level chops and will lay you out. ...

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