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Culture Shock

Connor Rafferty


Meet Culture Shock Artist Psychedelic-Rock Band Boa

Boa is a three-man psychedelic rock band from Louisville, Kentucky. Two of the boys of Boa are brothers, drummer Gaven (who can use as little as a stick and a crushed Pabst Blue Ribbon can for percussion) and guitarist Logan Hopkins. Their brother from another mother is bassist Shane Spader. As per ...


Thought Gang - Thought Gang

Thought Gang is a lost project from the early ‘90s that director David Lynch and composer Angelo Badalamenti worked on while Twin Peaks was coming to an end. The Twin Peaks soundtrack was an ethereal, mysterious, and soothing dream of an album. This new project offers a peek into what happens when ...


Sun Kil Moon - This Is My Dinner

Sun Kil Moon operates quietly, releasing an album a year for the past four years and randomly showing up on collaborations with other artists (see Sun Kil Moon’s feature on Donny McCaslin’s “The Opener”). 2014’s Benji was a surprise hit, turning millennials onto the despondent music of Mark ...


Ty Segall - Fudge Sandwich

Released October 26, 2018 RATING: 3/7 Psychedelic garage rock revivalist Ty Segall is a lo-fi gift that keeps on giving, boasting five releases in 2018 alone, with cover album Fudge Sandwich among them. It’s an album composed entirely of cover songs, with Segall’s take on the selection of classics ...


The Marías-Superclean Vol. II

Released September 28, 2018 RATING: 4/7 Los Angeles group The Marías’ new EP Superclean, Vol. II is a solid, laid-back twenty minutes of jazz and soul-pop. It’s enjoyable, but nothing too special, making decent late-night driving music. María’s (just María, no last name) vocals are what makes ...

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