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Halftime is the Realtime

You can go to a basketball game to watch ten people shoot a ball through a hoop, or you can go to a basketball game to take part in its greatest tradition: the halftime show. Sure, football games often have large, elaborate singing acts that they put on during their halftime shows, but basketball is ...


IUFB: Top 5 Questions Going into 2015

Today is the start of Fall Camp for the Indiana Hoosiers, and while it still feels much like Summer, September 5th is arriving quick and with it, IU football. As with any season, this one brings with it a plethora of questions before the first kick-off. Here's the top five heading into this season. 5. ...


The Bulls Don't Need Derrick Rose And That's a Good Thing

With 3:43 left to go in the fourth quarter and the Chicago Bulls up 86-80 on the visiting Milwaukee Bucks, Jimmy Butler pulled up for a three-pointer from 25-feet away. In the eight minutes before, Butler had scored 11 points and was almost single-handedly holding the Bulls' lead over the Bucks throughout ...


The Chicago Cubs Are Making Us Care Again

For the past couple of years, saying you were a Cubs fan was sort of like saying you were a big Justin Bieber fan: People's reactions when you said it were a mix between sympathy and confusion on how you could support something that constantly puts out a terrible product. "The Cubs are never going ...


The Roundtable talks Ray McDonald, Greg Hardy and Adrian Peterson

Ben Wittenstein, Matt Dlugie and Greg Gottfried talk about the impact and repercussions of the Chicago Bears signing Ray McDonald, the Cowboys signing Greg Hardy and AP's relationship with the Vikings. ...


Big Ten Tournament: Sights and Sounds

Despite IU's 3rd-round exit, the Big Ten Tournament at the United Center in Chicago is always a spectacle to behold. Within five days, 14 teams come and go with only one hoisting the trophy on Sunday. The first three days, the games are rapid fire, one after another, giving fans plenty of basketball ...


Back To the Future Part 3: Derrick Rose’s Meniscus

They say the first stage of grief is denial. When first told terrible news, one can’t help but not believe it’s true. Unfortunately, the news that Bulls star Derrick Rose tore his meniscus and requires yet another surgery was too cruel to be a lie. I could use the cliché “it’s like a bad ...

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