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What's Next for the Chicago Bulls

  After the Chicago Bulls chose to bring back Jimmy Butler and Mike Dunleavy in this summer’s Free Agency period, it looks as if next year’s roster will be relatively the same as this past year’s. But with the firing of head coach Tom Thibodeau and the hiring of Fred Hoiberg of Iowa State, ...


Jimmy Butler’s Ascension to NBA Stardom

Jimmy Butler was not supposed to be successful. He was not supposed to attend college. He was not supposed to be an NBA All-Star. And he was most assuredly not supposed to receive a max contract this summer worth 90 million dollars over five years. But, through sheer determination and a work ethic ...


The Flawed Knowledge behind the NBA Draft

The NBA draft is slated for Thursday, and NBA executives are gathering information on players in hopes their team will make the right selection. From the Lakers and Knicks, who are in desperate need of some serious talent, to the Warriors and Cavaliers, who are just trying to find guys that can give ...


LeBron James is Undeserving of Public Scrutiny

We live in an age where professional athletes are revered by people all around the world. As a result, everything they do is amplified by the media. With this exposure comes responsibility, and in turn, possibly scrutiny. You could make an argument that LeBron James is the most scrutinized professional ...


Jordan vs. James, the debate rages on

As the NBA Finals continue and LeBron James continues to put up astounding stat lines, it is impossible not to bring up the Michael Jordan/LeBron James comparison. Although this will always be a controversial topic, people need to understand that they are two completely different players. Michael ...

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