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The LouFest 2017 Experience

Earlier in September, I got the opportunity to travel to St. Louis, MO to see some amazing artists perform at Loufest, a music festival located in the Forest Park area of the city. This weekend-long adventure was definitely one for the books of my college career, from exploring the city of St. Louis, ...


My Playlist for Loufest 2017

Here is my personal playlist of bops and jams by artists who are playing at Loufest 2017 this weekend. I've been dancing around my living room to this playlist for a little over a week now, and I hope you feel inclined to do the same. Whether you're attending this weekend or not, this playlist is 1 ...


Talking to Post Animal

Chicago psych-rock band, Post Animal chats with WIUX before performing at Culture Shock on April 15. The boys discuss their formation, the Chicago music scene, and upcoming releases and tours. Big things are ahead for this band, and you can catch them live and for free rocking out in Dunn Meadow this ...


Show Review: ByBye with Video Grave and Park Stone

In the up-and-coming neighborhood of Fountain Square in Indianapolis, a new record store called Square Cat Vinyl recently opened. Or, I guess I should probably say a new record store/coffee shop/bar/concert venue recently opened. It’s modern, cool, and one of the things that neighborhood was missing. ...


Flume--Skin Companion EP 1

5/7 The Skin journey began in January of 2016 when an album preview was dropped. And in May, Skin officially dropped. The Australian DJ/producer went on to receive positive feedback from critics and eight ARIA awards. What was unknown then was that the Skin experience was not entirely finished, he ...


American Wrestlers--Goodbye Terrible Youth

  Released: 11/4/16 5/7 With a more sophisticated sound, American Wrestlers are back with their second album, Goodbye Terrible Youth. The band, consisting of front man Gary McClure, Bridgette Imperial, Ian Reitz, and Josh Van Hoorebeke, gives us 31 pure and concise minutes of 80s inspired indie ...


Disappear Here--Bad Suns

Released 9/16/16 Rating: 4/7 The first time I heard Bad Suns was shortly after they came to my hometown. I was so upset with myself for not listening earlier because I knew within the first few songs I had missed out on incredible music and a fantastic show. The band has just released their sophomore ...

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