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Culture Shock

Abby Harrison


Worked to Death

In this episode we focus on two terrible jobs related to death, Sin Eaters in England and Rogyapas in Tibet,: hopefully learning a bit about what it means to be tasked with preparing someone else's journey into the great beyond. Songs used in this episode were "Round O ZT684 (From Abdelazer) written ...


A Guide to Bloomington's DIY House Show Scene

Edit: Attending any party, in this case, a live music house show, comes with its own set of dangers. Please practice safety at these parties and be smart. Please don’t harass, assault, yell at, or disrespect other party-goers. Bloomington’s local music scene is thriving, but could easily be ruined ...


Artist Showcase: Local Psych Rock Band 'Flower Mouth'

When asked why they prefer house shows over performing at bars or more structured shows, local psychedelic band, Flower Mouth, answers simply: "the drunk-ness". They credit much of their support to the "rowdy" house show scene and have even hosted their own house shows at their self-proclaimed "Rat ...


Hippo Campus w/ Remo Drive in Indy 10/28/17

What could be better than listening to Hippo Campus with the smell of aloo tikki from the Diwali celebration upstairs filling your nostrils? Well, after experiencing that first hand, I'm afraid it's all downhill from here. Hippo Campus is on tour after the release of their second album, Landmark. I ...


The Importance of Costumes

  In high school, I was a grade A nerd (about the only thing I actually got an A in). I achieved this status because I was obsessed with comic books, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Anime. My biggest hobby and passion was cosplay. I dressed up as every character I loved from Buttercup in the ...


Florist - If Blue Could Be Happiness

Released Sept. 29 6/7   Florist has been one of my favorite bands since I first heard their beautiful track ‘1914’. This is their second full album, the first one being The Birds Sang Outside, available on their bandcamp. This album is a huge step up from their last album as I feel they ...


7 Coming of Age Movies to Watch If You Need a Good Cry

*MINOR SPOILERS*   Juno I honestly love anything with Ellen Page, but Juno is one of my favorite movies ever. Besides the obviousness of the dialogue having been written by non-teenagers at points ("honest to blog?"), this movie has almost no flaws. The story is heartwarming, funny, and of course, ...

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