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Poddy Mouth Announcement

Join WIUX for Poddy Mouth this weekend! The event will take place on Saturday, March 25 at 8 p.m. in Bloomington’s FAR Center. Poddy Mouth is an 18+ event with a $5 entry fee. 

It will feature a combination of musical performances by local Bloomington bands and the live staging of three WIUX podcasts. Community favorites The Matriarch and Westhead will perform, and the Shatatouille and Unsolicited podcasts will be staged, along with a collaboration between Aigoo! and Women I Trust.  

Shatatouille is hosted by Jacob Sager, Evan Coveney, and Keegan Priest, while Unsolicited spotlights Bella Brown Sparks, Noah Moore, and Jonathan Rickert. The Aigoo! and Women I Trust collaboration will feature Sneha Padmanabhan and Kaitlin Harris. 

The event will be hosted by Isabella Sodano, WIUX’s audio content director, and Grace Salzer, the podcast director. 

“It’s been such a fun year of getting to know all of our podcasts and their hosts, and Poddy Mouth is a fun way we can showcase what an awesome team we have!” Sodano said. “Grace and I both feel like podcasts were such an underrated part of WIUX, so being able to plan and host an event where we can show what incredible work the hosts have been doing is really rewarding.” 

Salzer said she hopes Poddy Mouth will change the way WIUX podcasts are viewed in the future. 

“I think Poddy Mouth will help put us on the map,” she said. “Hopefully this will become a staple for WIUX.” 

Make sure not to miss Poddy Mouth, which is sure to be a night of big laughs, energetic music, and insightful discussions from our podcast crew.

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