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Culture Shock

Culture Shock and Burning Couch Lineup Announced

Bloomington concertgoers, make sure to mark your calendars for the weekend of April 15th and 16th because WIUX’s culture shock will be happening on the 15th at Showalter Fountain and will be going from 1 pm to 10 pm. The bands featured are The Skaaholics, The Pops, Superlunar, Home Phone, Pat and the Pissers, Inner Peace, and Weston Estate. The event will have food trucks and booths set up by various campus organizations. Burning couch, presented by Music Industry Creatives, will be happening the next day, April 16th, at Switchyard Park. The event will feature three different stages: a main outdoor stage, an indoor acoustic venue, and a DJ skate jam/rap cypher performance. The main stage performers are the only ones announced so far and will consist of Callejera, Ed Winn and the Atomic Misfits, Lung, Six Foot Blonde, Westhead, Wind, The Namby Pamby, Citruses, Tree to Stone, The Matriarch, The Strangers, and Foredaze. The event happens from noon to 9:30 and will feature art vendors and local food from around Bloomington. You can keep up with updates on both festivals on Instagram: and


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