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Culture Shock

Three Is Company

In this episode of Smack Talk we have on our first guest in the show’s history to bring a new voice to the debate. Through the course of the show, we cover IU football’s continued hot streak and the team’s ceiling. Later, we talk about teams who are faltering and some who are surprising and whether or not they should be given credit. Then, we have a deep discussion on the path to the playoffs for numerous contenders. Finally, the episode concludes on a debate about some of the best rivalries in college football and highlights the matchup between Georgia and Florida.

Intro (0:00)
Segment One: IU Football (0:20)
Segment Two: Legit or Nah? (16:20)
Segment Three: Playoff Path (39:20)
Segment Four: Florida vs Georgia/ All-time Debates (57:37)
Outro (1:33:35)


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