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Culture Shock

Week 7 Run Down

After a big week of interdivisional matchups, the structure of college football hierarchy has changed greatly. In this episode, we dive into some blowouts and close contests throughout the Big Ten while questioning what implications these games have. Lateron, we cover some burning questions that certain fans have regarding questionable re-rankings and questioning just how legitimate certain teams are. Finally, this week of football was one of major upsets and heart-breaking losses for hopeful programs. We debate the teams that we believe have had the most disappointing seasons so far, and discuss if these teams have ruined their season entirely because of their shortcomings.

Time Marks

Intro (0:00)

Segment One: Big Ten Blowouts (0:19)

Segment Two: Bold Takeaways (10:14)

Segment Three: That Sucks! (20:22)

Outro (30:19)


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