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Culture Shock


"Who knew it would take a jew to make a good film about Christ"

- William Wyler

Director of Ben-Hur (1959)

Have you ever scrolled through your watchlist, stopped at Ben-Hur, noticed it's crazy run-time, and kept on scrolling? Totally understandable. Not many people want to invest time into watching a 3 hour and 44 minute religious movie. But just because our modern day attention spans can't handle it, that doesn't mean Ben-Hur is unimportant in film history.

Take a listen to this episode of Watchlist where we cover everything from the plot of the movie, to how it was made, and even facts about its history. If you were ever curious why this film won a record number of Oscars or wanted to know the details behind the complicated bromance between Messala and Judah, then this is the podcast for you.

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