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Culture Shock

How To Dress Well--Care

Released 9/23


With the help of the Domino Recording Company, Tom Krell of How to Dress Well has released his fourth album, Care. With a sound comparable to Blood Orange, How to Dress Well has perfectly encapsulated the feelings experienced during risks and challenges of love. The artist from Chicago released this extraordinarily personal album on September 23, 2016. Krell, Jack Antonoff, Dre Skull and others aided in the production of the album’s incredibly smooth tracks and lyrical flow.

Rhythm and Blues has a large presence in this album, as well as smooth transitions into electronic pop in the duration of single tracks. Krell depicts the mix of emotions felt during love and relationships in these transitions.

Different from his last album What is This Heart from 2014, Care somewhat negates previous depictions of simply a physical attraction to another for sex. This album converts these themes into deep emotion and eternal love. Along with those themes of undying passion for another, Krell also promotes self love. In the album’s second track “Salt Song”, he admits he wants to “fill my house with light” and “to feel my heart is my home.” Krell is saying that in order to fall in love with someone else, one must first love oneself. The lack of featured artists on the album reiterates the presence of the self.

The album takes a more emotional turn during the last song, “Untitled.” The title itself depicts only one emotion: speechlessness. Krell sings, “I tried to write but I had nothing to say," and this line provides a sense of an emotion too strong to put into words.

How to Dress Well’s album Care was extremely well-written, with smooth transitions and lyrics that perfectly depict the emotion behind the creator.


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