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Culture Shock


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Ep1 - Dazed and Confused

Hosts Noah and Rocco take us through their three takes on the film Dazed and Confused (1993).


Ep5 - Kung Fury

Hosts Evan and Keegan are joined in the studio by special guests Grace and Isabella to discuss a classic: Kung Fury. Goofs and gaffs ensue.

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Ep12 - 2023 Summer Recap

Ohm covers major tech events that occurred throughout the summer such as Apple, self-driving taxis, and Twitter/X.


Ep4 - Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies

Hosts Evan and Keegan are joined by their special guest Max Difrisco to discuss his underground pick Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies. Listen to the boys have an in-depth analysis of this absolute whack movie. Will it be canon??

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Ep4 - cinco de mayo

This episode focuses on Cinco de Mayo and its historical background as the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Betsy also answers the questions, what does it celebrate? Why do people celebrate in the US but not in Mexico? How can Cinco de Mayo be offensive towards Mexicans and other hispanic/latino communities? Betsy also provides examples on how to be respectful during the celebratory day and after. Tune in!

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Ep3 - how to be latina

In this episode, Betsy talks about the defining characteristics of a Latinx woman and how pushing for one sole definition can be really damaging for many. It can lead to decreased feelings of self-worth and insecurities to rise. She shares some of her insecurities and why they are prevalent in her life. Join Betsy as she tackles the difficulties of being a daughter of immigrant parents and not always finding the right spot to fit into.


Ep4 - Ben Spector

With us today is the tweeter of our generation and B-Side Programming Director, Ben Spector aka Benny Beats.

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Ep2 - Not Your Spicy Latina

In this episode, host Betsy explores the history and definition of the spicy latina trope as well as providing some examples of those we see in contemporary media. She also dives into the issues behind the trope and why it can be so damaging to young latina women finding misrepresentation in the popular media they consume.

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Ep10 - CGI

Ohm talks all about CGI (computer generated imagery) in media and innovations in the field.

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Ep1 - WTH is Latinacore?

First episode dives into the “latinacore” aesthetic currently trending on TikTok, touching on the definition and controversies of this trend and others like it!

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