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Culture Shock

Get Ready: Culture Shock 2024 is Right Around the Corner

Mark your calendars everyone! Culture Shock 2024 is happening Saturday, April 13, 2024 in IU campus’ very own Dunn Meadow. With free entry, food vendors, and plenty of great musicians, this is an event you won’t want to miss! 

Each year, DJ’s, directors, and fans of WIUX come together to put on the Culture Shock event. The first Culture Shock was all the way back in 1986, and since then, it has featured plenty of incredible artists from across the country. Past headliners include Yo La Tengo, Mac Demarco, Xiu Xiu, Beach House, Twin Peaks, Ty Segall and more. 

This year, we are not short on fantastic artists! We have bands and performers from across the country coming to play at Culture Shock this year, including artist Evan Wright from New York, and Philly’s finest, Merce Lemon and They Are Gutting a Body of Water.

In order, the artists performing are Prairie Scout, Callejera, Ed Winn, Westhead, Merce Lemon, TAGABOW, and Evan Wright. Each act has roughly an hour to perform, and there will be a brief intermission after Westhead’s performance so everyone can use the restroom, reapply sunscreen, shop some merch tables, and get pumped for the closing half of the show.

Don’t recognize some of these names? Don’t worry, I’ve got you. Below is a brief bio for each artist performing so you can be up to date and ready to go when April 13th rolls around. It’s sooner than you think, so take some time to get familiar with these artists and learn their lyrics!

Prairie Scout

Bloomington’s own Prairie Scout will be opening this year’s Culture Shock performance! Members include WIUX President Natalie Ingalls, John Hasey, Wesley Davis, and Julia Fegelman. Indie rock meets singer-songwriter, Prairie Scout has beautiful vocals mixed with gentle guitar that is sure to warm your soul. Be sure to arrive on time to Culture Shock, you don’t want to miss this opener!


Based in Indianapolis, Callejera is a force to be reckoned with. Mixing shoegaze’s dreaminess and punk’s hard and fast style, this noise rock band has fantastic stage presence and brings the energy to every show. Callejera is a 5-piece project that began as a solo act right here on IU campus! Currently, the lineup includes Armando Tandy, Tyler Eubanks, Jimmy Raymundo, Mia Rivas, and Alison Hristova. With Callejera’s gripping blend of genres, you’re bound to love their performance no matter what your music taste is.

Ed Winn

With his first mixtape dropping way back in 2021, Ed Winn is on the rise. Also from Bloomington, Ed Winn combines sultry R&B melodies with bold rap bars and driving beats. Ed Winn is a huge part of the Bloomington music community, and has played several festivals in the past, including Culture Shock and Burning Couch. His stage presence is electric, and his music will definitely put you in a good mood. Ed Winn is definitely one to keep an eye on– he’s not slowing down any time soon. 


Led by Max DiFrisco, Westhead is a self described “loud folk” act based in Bloomington. Joined by members Braeden Janes, Avery McGuire, Reeder Vyain, and WIUX member Jimmy Diskin, this 5-piece is no stranger to performing here in Bloomington, and across Indiana. Westhead’s unique take on indie folk is truly brilliant, and you should definitely stick around for their set. In fact, Westhead is performing at both Culture Shock and Burning Couch this year, so you have the chance to see them twice in one weekend! Who could ask for more?

Merce Lemon

Pittsburgh artist Merce Lemon and her band have created a flawless fusion of DIY, indie rock, and melancholy folk, and I have a feeling they are going to totally rock the Culture Shock stage. Merce Lemon provides vocals and guitar alongside her bandmates, including Reid Magette on guitar, Pat Coyle on drums and harmonies, and Ben Brody on bass. In the past, Merce Lemon has collaborated and toured with plenty of indie rock icons, including Feeble Little Horse, Horse Jumper of Love, and Midwest act The Slaps (The Slaps played Culture Shock in 2019!). This is an act you definitely won’t want to miss! 

They Are Gutting a Body of Water

Philly based band They Are Gutting a Body of Water (TAGABOW) combines the ambient haziness of shoegaze, the electronic beats of drum and bass, and experimental alt-rock elements to create their distinctive sound that is well-loved by many. Boasting over 150,000 Spotify listeners, TAGABOW is a staple part of the modern shoegaze scene. Their unique stage presence (no spoilers!) will captivate you, and their alternative sound will give you chills. This is not the band’s first time in Indiana, but it is their first time playing Culture Shock, so make sure to catch their Bloomington debut!

Evan Wright

Based in New York, Evan Wright is a psychedelic country indie star. His use of piano, guitars, and synths combine to create a wonderfully melancholic sound that brings comforting nostalgia and acoustic warmth. While a blend of psychedelia and folk may sound a bit intimidating, Evan Wright accomplishes this task beautifully, and creates a comforting atmosphere with each song he releases. Evan Wright is closing out Culture Shock this year, and is sure to leave you feeling full and content as the night draws to a close. 

In addition to musical performances, Culture Shock will host several tables for clubs, merchandise, and local artists and vendors. Keep an eye out for the list of vendors and food trucks to be announced! Oh, and remember, festival entry is completely free! 

Culture Shock is only a few days away, so be sure to make some plans with your pals to spend the day in IU’s beautiful Dunn Meadow. WIUX is so excited to put on this festival again, and we are so ready to see you all! Don’t miss out on this incredible event!


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