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<p>Firefighters examine crash site at the Fox Row Apartments - Photo Courtesy of <em>The Bloomingtonian</em></p>
Firefighters examine crash site at the Fox Row Apartments - Photo Courtesy of The Bloomingtonian

Truck & Trailer Crash into Bloomington Apartment Building at 10th and Walnut Street on March 15th


On the morning of Friday, March 15, Bloomington first responders answered a distress call at the corner of 10th Street and North Walnut where a pickup truck pulling a trailer crashed into the west wall of the Fox Row Apartments building, located at 604 N. Walnut St, before coming to a stop under one of its balconies.

The crash occurred around 8:17am, reported by the Bloomington Police Department. Officers arrived at the scene of what witnesses called an injury accident. Authorities confirmed that a a beige 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan was traveling eastward on 10th Street. The driver’s identity remains anonymous, and reportedly had the right of way at the intersection with North Walnut Street. Despite this, the traffic signal’s indication was still uncertain, leading to the accident with the crashed white 2022 Ford F550 pickup truck towing a trailer and equipment whose driver insisted on having received a green light to continue through the 10th Street intersection.

The Ford F550’s claim was supported by dashcam footage which showed the vehicle lawfully passing through the intersection while the Volkswagen appeared to have run the red light. This led to a collision between the two that sent the F550 careening off the road and into the Fox Row Apartments.

The impact of the Ford F550 caused significant damage to multiple units of the apartment complex, though fortunately injuries sustained from the collision were limited. The driver of the Volkswagen Tiguan received on-site medical attention for minor injuries sustained to her arm.

As of now, no charges have been announced and authorities are continuing to investigate the crash.


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