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Monroe County Officals Discuss Changing Classroom Schedules for the Upcoming School Year

The Monroe County Community School Corporation is in talks of possibly changing the schedule realignments at Bloomington High Schools North and South for the 2024-25 school year. 

The Bloomington South student newspaper, South Optimist, talked to MCCSC’s Superintendent Jeff Hauswald about the possible schedule change.

He told Optimist reporters Melanie Southern and Siddhu McLeod, that the district’s main reason for wanting to implement this change was to bring focus toward making the schedule fit an “equity lens” for those who transfer from a school out of town to one in the city. 

He wants to see Bloomington North and South High School be on a similar schedule instead of having North on a blocked timetable and South having a three-trimester.

According to South Optimist, Bloomington South is looking into the idea of possibly having a seven-period school day instead of the traditional five-day trimester.

The difference between a block schedule and a trimester schedule is vastly different. 

Block scheduling is when each student has fewer classes per day as each class is scheduled for a longer period than normal. A trimester schedule divides the schedule into three seasons, fall, winter, and spring with weeks going as long as 12-13 weeks per trimester.

According to Madeline Bolstridge, parent and author of a petition on Change dot org, called the schedule change, “... deeply troubling.”

“This change would not only disrupt the school experience for many students but also eliminate some students' only electives.”

Today, students at Bloomington High School North are advised to wear black shirts to support the idea of keeping the schedule the way it is currently, according to the Instagram page, CougsForChange.

No schedule is final yet, but South has not made a schedule change in 24 years.      




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