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AMC Theater Set To Close In Bloomington

After years of rundown maintenance, overgrown weeds, and unsanitary bathrooms, it has been reported that the Bloomington AMC Classic Movie Theater 11, located on the east side of Bloomington near South College Mall Rd. will quietly be shutting its doors for good starting today September 14, according to a post made on Reddit.

AMC Bloomington 11 has fallen on hard times for a little over a decade as most Bloomington residents were unaware of the company chain still being open in the city.

Reports of overgrown grass and low maintenance have made the location inhabitable.

Not much is known about what will happen to the AMC 11 Theater as the nearby Kroger location continues to use the space for parking, but no word of has been made official.

As for Bloomington’s AMC Classic Theaters 12 located on West 3rd Street, that location is still fully functional and will serve as the only AMC movie theater still operating in the area.

Many AMC moviegoers commented about their memories of going to the theater on social media. 

One Bloomington resident on Reddit said, “I saw Borat there as a student and was shocked at how horrible it was. Went back in 2016 when I moved back to town and [I] was even more amazed that [the theater] was the same, but also worse.”

Another user wrote, “Today is a sad day. I saw so many movies there growing up. Pretty much every great 90’s movie I saw there.” The user said. “I slept outside of the theater for Star Wars: Episode #1 ticket. I had quite a few popcorn and sodas, “on the house.”

The movie theater will be loved and missed by many residents of the city, as many locals look at the facility for what the theater used to be and what it has sadly become.

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