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Four Killed and Nine Injured in Louisville Bank Shooting

A lone gunman killed at least four people and injured nine in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, early Monday morning (around 8:30 a.m.). The shooting occurred at Old National Bank, 333 Main St. The suspect was shot and killed by police. 

Authorities have identified the four victims who died as Joshua Barrick, 40; Thomas Elliot, 63; Juliana Farmer, 45; and James Tutt, 64. They were all employees of Old National Bank. Two police officers were injured, including Nicholas Wilt, 23, who is in critical condition. Three people have been confirmed by University of Louisville Hospital to be in critical condition, and a total of nine have been treated for injuries of varying severity since the shooting. Three have wounds that are not life-threatening, and three have been released from the hospital as of Monday afternoon. Five of the nine victims checked into UofL Health were treated for gunshot injuries.

The Louisville shooting is the 15th mass killing of 2023 with four or more deceased victims. According to a database managed by Northeastern University, the Associated Press, and USA Today, a total of nearly 80 people have been killed in the 15 incidents this year.

President Joe Biden offered his condolences to the victims’ families and the Louisville community.

“Once again, our nation is in mourning after a senseless act of gun violence," President Biden said.

At a news conference held Monday afternoon, Louisville interim police Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel said that the shooter was Connor Sturgeon, a 23-year-old White man employed at Old National Bank. He used a rifle in the assault and his motives are currently unknown, but the situation is believed to be connected to his status as an employee of the bank. Gwinn-Villaroel said that the shooter was live-streaming on Instagram during the rampage, and the video has been taken down by police.

During Monday's news conference, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear (D) said that he was a close friend of Thomas Elliot. Elliot served as the senior vice president of Old National Bank and was chair of Beshear’s inaugural committee in 2019. Beshear grew visibly emotional at the press conference.

"Elliot is one of the people I talk to most in the world," he said. "Tommy Elliot helped me to become governor … He gave me advice on being a good dad … He was an incredible friend.”

Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg (D) also confirmed himself as a friend of Elliot’s.

“He was a friend of the governor’s, and he was a friend of mine," Mayor Greenberg said.

Kentucky state Senator David Yates (D) tweeted that he knew one of the tragedy's victims. While he has not been in support of a gun ban, being a gun-owner himself, he stated that he wishes to find ways to prevent mentally ill individuals from securing weapons, like the assault rifle Sturgeon had. According to Yates, gun legislation goes beyond political party affiliations and is “what’s best for our community."

“I refuse to accept that this is the new normal," Yates said.

Photo courtesy of Michael Clevenger/Courier Journal via AP.


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