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Culture Shock

The Results of Mass Shootings in California

WIUX News Hour

Within the last week, California has been struck by several mass shootings that have left the state and the rest of the country shocked and calling for action. 

On Saturday, Jan. 28, three people were killed and four others wounded in a shooting near Beverly Hills, California. The shooting occurred at a short-term rental facility. 

On Monday last week, Jan. 23, seven people were killed at two sites in Half Moon Bay, California, a town approximately 30 miles south of San Francisco. A suspect in this incident, who was a worker at a plant nursery at one of the sites, has been taken into custody. 

Six people were also killed in a shooting in Tulare County, California in a shooting this past week. 

Additionally, Californians are recovering from a mass shooting in Monterey Park, which left 11 dead. Investigators have declared this as the deadliest mass shooting in LA County history, and the fourth deadliest shooting in California history. 

California Governor Gavin Newson described the recent thread of shootings as “tragedy upon tragedy” in a Tweet. 

Nationwide, the Gun Violence Archive reported 39 mass shootings in the first 24 days of 2023. 

We discussed gun violence on this show last semester following the UVA shooting, for instance. Now more than ever, citizens’ eyes are looking to Washington for action. 

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