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Promo 2023 by Senescence Review

Recorded, mixed, and based in Indianapolis, the 4-piece post-hardcore group Senescence recently released Promo 2023, a 3-track release that leaves listeners craving more.

The opening track “Weightless” is a 4.5 minute anthem about the cruel passage of time. They sing, “Let months pass by/Make sure you feel it all/You could grow your hair long/You think they care at all?" With these lyrics, fans of Senescence can relate to that heavy feeling of being pushed and pulled in many different directions at once. Life can feel like a fast-paced blur, especially in your early 20s. This song perfectly encapsulates that feeling. Singer Cooper Heaton and guitarist Lucas Carfiro provide incredible vocal and guitar melodies that have strong emotion behind them, keeping the song upbeat and high-energy despite such heavy lyrics.

The middle track “Goner” immediately launches into the band's traditional post-hardcore riffs and drums. This quick 2.5 minute song follows many punk styles, with fast drum hits and loud, shout-y lyrics. Drummer Cole Alberson gives an energetic performance, featuring heavy crashes and a rolling drum solo in the last half of the track, while bassist Ryder Harris provides great driving bass lines.

The release wraps up with a live song, a new version of their 2020 song “Garden.” This is the perfect finale for this album. Senescence has insane stage presence and their mosh pits have some of the best energy around. A live track on this release gives listeners a small taste of the edge Senescence provides at their shows and showcases their creative, hardcore style.

Promo 2023 is currently available for purchase on Bandcamp and streaming on most platforms.


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