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Culture Shock

Marketplace by The Namby Pamby Review

Marketplace, The Namby Pamby’s debut album, captures vulnerability in a whole new light.
Lead singer Mckenna Parks’ lyrics encompass a plethora of emotions that range from lust to heartbreak to anxiety.
The band’s sound is truly dynamic, showcasing a mix of mid-tempo indie rockers like “Peanut Butter Spread” to more swelling, emotional tracks like “Sardines."
“Chardonnay” is the perfect opener, a quiet, lowkey track to help introduce listeners to the world of The Namby Pamby. The song features a unique array of instruments, like vibraphone, which expands upon the traditional rock ensemble of guitar, bass, and drums. Right around the two-minute mark, the sweet sounds of a pedal steel guitar solo enter, beautifully accompanied by drummer Payton Knerr and bassist Emily Parks’ locked-in groove.
Tracks like “Reality Tonality” encompass the mundaneness of everyday life, with its loose, upbeat guitar playing and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, similar to the likes of Courtney Barnett.
The album closes with “Spare Change," an intimate track featuring Parks and her acoustic guitar.
Overall, every track on this album gives off a warm, endearing feeling, like a close friend telling you a story.
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