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Let’s Start Here. by Lil Yachty Review

When you think of Lil Yachty, you think of the previous trap rap he gained a reputation for. He has since then released a new album in the very beginning of 2023, Let’s Start Here.

This latest album has quite a different sound to his usual music, and has gained more recognition because of his new style. Unlike the rest of his music, he isn’t rapping in this album. He's finally showing his vocal capability, including other feature artists as well.

Lil Yachty starts off the album with “the Black seminole.” People have said that the track has an old Pink Floyd ring to it, with Lil Yachty adding his own twist of more electronic mixtures and rhythms. He then carries on to other songs with a more upbeat tone, such as “the ride-” and “running out of time." Even while experimenting with these new songs, he maintains his style and doesn't change the entirety of the genre he fits into.

Moving on to the middle of the album, Lil Yachty leans into a rock sound with “WE SAW THE SUN!” He creates something new and successfully experiments while still keeping his style. He ends the album with “REACH THE SUNSHINE.” This final track felt like a great album ending, making the whole album a cycle. As Lil Yachty starts it off with a great intro of something unexpected, the final track feels like the ending of the story he is telling throughout the album.

Overall, Lil Yachty tried something original in his new album while still maintaining his genre. He took a risk and created something that no one was expecting.


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