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Bloomington Releases To Not Miss

  1. Cosign by Foredaze

Fordaze starts off strong with their debut single “Cosign,” tapping into their 90s alternative rock influence.  This single showcases Foredaze’s diversity in sound gracefully, which many artists fail to do. Beginning with soft vocals and squishy guitars, the song develops into an alt rock jam led by driving drums with creative fills, and clean airy guitar lines. Eventually the song features a ripping drum solo followed by a crashing breakdown with a fuzzed out guitar solo reminiscent of Radiohead’s The Bends.  Listeners can feel the unique nostalgia Foredaze creates, a 90s alt rock sound rooted in modern indie music.

  1. Sun Song by The Matriarch

Coming off their debut EP, Welcome to The Matriarch, this all female quartet does not disappoint.  “Sun Song,” is a simple track that easily puts a smile on your face.  With a solid base of mo-town centric percussion and a constant grooving baseline.  Pushing their vocals towards the end of the song alongside a reverb laden guitar line, feels reminiscent of the Alabama shakes.  Being one of five songs off their debut EP, the Matriarch cements their place as a must follow artist in the Bloomington music scene.  

  1. Pearl Street by jfled and akemie5o

From the latest EP by Bloomington based hyperpop artist jfled, Party at Avery’s, the track “Pearl Street,” is a fun care-free hyperpop anthem.  Clocking in at two minutes fourteen seconds, the song is short but varied.  Driven by modulated vocals and drug lyrics, the song has a destructive quality to it.  Each listen has a listener dive deeper into the subtle darkness hidden behind the fun nature of the hyperpop track.  In the second verse, jlfed is accompanied by fellow bloomington artist akemie5o who provides pitched up vocals reminiscent of 100 gecs.  Every turn on the EP is more fun than last, so make to give Party at Avery’s a listen.


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