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ForeDaze - Music Market Interview

Bloomington, IN - WIUX’s Music Market, like any music festival, isn’t complete without its headliners.

Today’s spotlight is on ForeDaze, a Bloomington-based alternative-indie band. Members Marty Abaddi, Carsen Outwater, Alex Cappelli, and Ethan Williams sat down with WIUX after their set to speak their mind on all things music, Bloomington, and their inspirations behind their sound. 

When asked what the Bloomington art scene meant to her, Marty Abaddi says “The scene provides a fun and a creative space for me, and my bandmates, to express ourselves. There is a lot of opportunities for us to do so, and we are really grateful for the booming music scene. It’s awesome.”

“I agree”, says Alex Cappelli. “It’s been a really nice creative outlet. It’s cool to not be together as a band for that long, and already play shows live and get to know other bands. It's been nice to connect with other people who love music.” 

Their songs “In Between”, “Wendy’s on Second Street”, and a cover of the Pixies “Where Is My Mind?” opened the festival with a fresh air of alternative rock with a twist. Paying homage to the indie-rock of decades past, ForeDaze had an equal mix of a classic and new take on alternative music that captivated the crowd. Their originals had emotional lyricism paired with impressive instrumentals, creating an angsty yet easy to listen to sound.

When asked about their sound, drummer Carsen Outwater says “Inspiration-wise, definitely heavily influenced by 90s punk rock. In terms of drummers, Travis Barker is where I draw my musical inspiration from. These guys call me a boomer, but I love 90s music, specifically grunge and alternative.”

Adding onto that, guitarist Ethan Williams says “As a guitarist, I am still relatively new to the instrument. But, my biggest influences are Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age and Jack White for the ‘improvey live sound’.”

Although ForeDaze does not currently have any music released, this band is one to watch out for in the Bloomington music scene. Their confident stage presence, incredible instrumentation, and cool style indicate nothing but a bright future for themselves.

Make sure to follow them on Instagram @foredazeband for updates and show announcements. 


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