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Interview: Professor Andrew Hollinden - History of Rock 'n Roll

I recently got to sit down and talk with Professor Hollinden who teaches History of Rock ‘n Roll here at Indiana University- Bloomington. We discussed the details of his courses, his music experience, and his thoughts on the legacy of the History of Rock ‘n Roll courses. 


(Emily): Can you tell me about the courses that you teach? 


(Emily): How much creative freedom do you have in making these classes? 


(Emily): How did you pick the artists that you wanted to do specific courses on?


(Emily): How long have you been teaching these classes?


(Emily): What made you want to teach History of Rock ‘n Roll?


(Emily): Can you tell me about your previous music experience? 


(Emily): Do you have any other favorite artists other than the ones you teach courses on?


(Emily): Do you have a favorite course that you teach?


(Emily): Do you have any more artist courses that you want to make? 


(Emily): How long does it take to develop one of these courses?


(Emily): Why do you think the History of Rock ‘n Roll courses are so loved and popular here at IU?


(Emily): Do you have a favorite memory from teaching the History of Rock ‘n Roll?


At the end of the interview, he adds; “I just feel really fortunate to be able to make my living doing this. You wouldn’t believe how many people tell me how envious they are that my job is what I love. It’s exactly true. I do believe in what music brings to a person's life. If I can help people discover music and/or increase their appreciation for music as a concept, then I think I’ve done my job.” 


I am currently in my third class taught by Professor Hollinden, and every class of his that I have taken has not only taught me so much about rock music history, but also been the most enjoyable classes I’ve taken here at IU. His passion for music and rock ‘n roll history is so evident within his courses, and in my opinion, the high praise these courses get is well deserved. I would highly recommend any of the rock ‘n roll courses to IU students, and I had a blast learning more about the history and passions of Professor Hollinden. 



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