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MCXX. Interview

In March I got to speak with self-proclaimed alternative pop group MCXX. about their upcoming sophomore album i will always want you, being in a band across multiple states, and how four unlikely friends formed a band. I spoke with Adam (lead singer/songwriter/front man) and Vincent (lead guitar player). They were preparing to head to Nashville, Tennessee to continue recording on their second album and meet up with the other two members of the band, Levi and Josh. Josh plays drums for the band; Levi plays the keyboard and is also the mixing engineer for their upcoming album.

If you had to describe your style of music in three words, what would they be?

  • (Adam and Vincent) eccentric, “vibe-y”, and mood.

  • All of the members of the band write the songs and equally put their styles on each of their tracks. Vincent went first choosing his words. Adam and Vincent said they have a song for any mood a fan could be in.

Out of the band's songs, which do you love to perform or play most often? Most relatable?

  • (Vincent) All of them are such a blast to play. (Adam) The four of us write our favorite songs so that’s a hard choice. We should only ever write and play our favorite songs.

  • All their songs have a certain amount of joy they give each of the members and each song is exciting to them. “This is our favorite band, and we also get to play in it.”- Adam.

What modes of communication do you use to stay connected as a band most often?

  • (Adam) texting and Snapchat (Vincent) a lot of FaceTime.

  • Adam and Vincent joked that when they’re in a relationship, their girlfriends get mad because they are always talking to each other.

Tell me a little bit more about how y’all came together as a band.

  • (Adam) All four of us played in punk bands before we were in MCXX. (Vincent) It’s almost like a supergroup in a way. “A side project that became a main project.” -Vincent

  • The band has been together since around 2016. Between 2014 and 2016, they were around the same crowds and in the same scenes very often. Levi was in a rival band; Adam met Josh through one of his best friends.

Do you guys have a favorite performance memory? Or a couple?

  • (Vincent) Adam and I have been writing partners on the cusp of 10 years so with him I have a few but with MCXX., my favorite memory would be our album release show for Sourmouth (their debut album).

  • Adam said that his favorite memories actually come from shows that didn’t go so well because they were humbling and a learning experience. Adam then went on to explain a story from one of their gigs that wasn’t great. They were opening for another artist and the artist was late so MCXX. started doing soundcheck and then got off stage when the other artist arrived so their set got cut short.

Your songs “Thunder”, “Egyptian Cotton”, and “Hair” prior to your upcoming album are awesome as well as their music videos! What can you tell me and the fans about your upcoming release/projects/songs?

  • (Adam) Glad you liked the songs! Our upcoming album is our sophomore album and we’re doing all of the production on it. It’s entitled i will always want you.

  • The band members wrote these songs over two years. The members of the band aren’t sure about the track listing yet at the time of the interview, but the album would be considered to band members “an album of singles” and they are proud of each song.

Where can fans find these new projects when they are released?

  • (Vincent) They’ll be available everywhere. Anywhere you can stream music: Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, you name it. We’ll get some physical copies and merch and a deluxe album edition.

  • On this deluxe album edition there will be up to three extra tracks, demos, commentary, soundscape, and more! New merch is in the works. “Pure joy and excitement!” -Adam

Speaking of recording and writing your own music, tell me more about what it’s like going through the whole process and having full creative control.

  • (Adam) It wasn’t like this with previous bands. It was mainly guys in a room writing songs instead of a collaboration and we all [MCXX.] record and take part in the work we produce. (Vincent) The pandemic has been good and bad [in writing, producing, and collaborating with each other on a regular basis].

  • The bandmates are especially excited about the upcoming track “free somewhere”. Levi recorded the demo and then Adam wrote and recorded the vocals within around 1 or 2 hours. “Tech is great. Each album is a representation of where the band is on a timeline and mentally.” -Vincent

You guys mentioned you don’t live together- tell me more about staying connected?

  • (Vincent) We don’t even live in the same states. (Adam) If we come together to play a show, we come together and feed off each other’s energy. Different points of creativity are beneficial.

  • Adam is from Las Vegas, Nevada, Vincent is from northern Indiana, Levi is from Nashville, Tennessee, and Josh is from central Indiana.

Where do you see the band in 5 years and what is a main goal for right now?

  • (Adam) A goal right now and a central focus is to just deliver the best album to our fans. If we love it, we know they will love it. (Vincent) Playing these songs in front of audiences and hopefully on the festival circuit [Bonnaroo, Hangout, Lollapalooza, and others] meeting other bands and fans. “As long as I get to write music with these guys, I’m cool.” -Adam

  • They hope to travel internationally with their music and they think they’re their own worst critics when it comes to their music. “We’ll be wherever we need to be.” -Vincent

I had a blast on my phone call with MCXX., and you can tell that these are four guys that are meant to be together as a band. Not only do the four band members work really well together, they each discover their passion for music deeper as individuals through their bandmates. In my opinion, this is what makes their sound so captivating.

For all upcoming announcements, memos, and band updates check out or their social media!


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