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Video Games Weekly: March 31st - April 7th

This week was packed with news, with a Nintendo collaboration, more AAA games coming to Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X mini-fridge, and a record-breaking video game sale.

Build-A-Bear x Animal Crossing Collaboration

Build-A-Bear Workshop and Nintendo have collaborated to bring Animal Crossing characters to the real world! For the time being, only two characters are offered (Isabelle and Tom Nook) and are available exclusively online. They will be coming to physical retail stores later this summer. On the day of their launch, the stuffed animals gathered crowds in online waiting rooms that opened 30-minutes prior to their release. Some fans were delighted with the release, while others showed disappointment at the lack of selection. With a game that boasts more hundreds of characters, the selection left some fans wanting more.

Xbox Game Pass Collection of Games Continues to Grow

Grand Theft Auto V will be returning to Xbox Game Pass on April 5th, nearly a year after its removal from the platform. GTA V has become one of the bestselling games of all time, selling more than 140 million copies since its release in 2013. Xbox Game Pass continues growing its collection of both AAA and indie video games, making its value nearly unbeatable. Many other games were announced for April’s list of Game Pass additions, most notably San Diego Studio’s MLB The Show 21, which will join Game Pass on launch day (April 16th)!

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge

Xbox went head-to-head with Skittles on Twitter for Twitter’s first #BestOfTweets Brand Bracket. Aaron Greenberg (Xbox Games Marketing) promised that if Xbox came out victorious, they would release Xbox Series X mini-fridges to the public. Skittles made the promise to bring back the lime-flavored Skittle. With promises made, Xbox went on to beat Skittles by just 1% of the total vote. Other than the confirmation on Twitter, we know nothing more than the production of these mini-fridges will begin sometime this year.

Sealed Super Mario Bros. Breaks Records

A sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System has sold at auction for $660,000 making it the highest price ever paid for a video game. The game sold at an auction house based in Dallas, Texas. The game was a part of a limited run of Super Mario Bros. that was released in 1986 before Nintendo switched from shrink-wrapped seals to sticker-based seals. The seller said the game was received as a Christmas gift in 1986 and was forgotten about for 35 years in a desk drawer.



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