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Culture Shock

CULTURE SHOCK 2021: Everything You NEED to Know

Lightning strikes yet again! We are just about 24 hours away from WIUX's most anticipated event of the semester - the 34th annual Culture Shock Festival. Even though this year's events will take place virtually, the day will be full of fantastic music with exclusive performances from both local and national acts. Not sure where to get started? Not to worry! This article will act as your definitive CS 2021 guide with all the information you will need to be ready for Saturday's festivities!

Who will be performing?

This is our lineup of performers, in order of their stage appearance:

  • Herzig Teacher Band

  • Manic Pixie

  • GraceKellie

  • Rosegirl

  • Russian Cowboy


  • Kate Bollinger

  • Kyle Dion

  • Nissim Black

  • Okay Kaya

When does the stream start?

The livestream will open at 1:30 pm on Saturday, April 17th, with performances starting shortly after at 2:05

Where can I access the stream?

You can stream directly from the Culture Shock website. Be sure to explore the page to view entries for our art contest as well as exclusive interviews with performing acts!

How long is each set?

Local acts will be performing for 20 minutes each. The four headliners will perform for 45 minutes each. Between most local acts, there will also be performances from the WIUX DJ team, with each one lasting 10-15 minutes

Is there an in-person aspect?

All performances will take place online, but WIUX will be set up in Dunn Meadow from 1-6 pm to sell sweatshirts, t-shirts, water bottles, and discounted vintage WIUX gear! (CASH ONLY)

This sounds great! Where do I sign up?

The show can be streamed from anywhere, but we ask that you fill out this form if you plan to come to Dunn Meadow. The form can also be filled out on-site

Looks like you are good to go! Get pumped - we are excited to share Culture Shock 2021 with you!

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